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The Shag Harbour Incident Society is a proudly independent organization embodied of individuals who believe that our local history, chiefly the 1967 UFO sighting, should be cherished and made available to the general public.

The organization was formed in the fall of 2006 with the goal of acquiring a permanent location to display the accumulating information collected on the mysterious UFO that landed in the harbour decades earlier.

On June 16 2007, the society hosted the ribbon-cutting opening to its UFO museum in a temporary location inside an unused barn donated by member Dorothy Nickerson. Though the building was humble and scrutiny surrounded the amount of visitors it would receive, the museum prospered and moved to its permanent location overlooking the harbour in early 2009.IMG_8098

Today, the society’s UFO museum sits patiently in its yellow painted home waiting for visitors to arrive to hear its fascinating tale and explore its hands-on artifacts. The society also organizes an annual UFO Festival, a weekend filled with activities, guest speakers and, of course, local music.

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