Don Ledger, UFO researcher and author

Dark Object, the nonfiction account of the 1967 Shag Harbour UFO incident by Don Ledger and Chris Styles was published in 2001, and has been a linchpin for the Shag Harbour UFO Museum since we first opened our doors in 2008.

The book is a combined product of exhaustive research and unwavering dedication to those who believe in the credibility of the mysterious object that crashed into the waters of Shag Harbour over 45 years ago.

Ledger is the author of works such as Swissair Down and Maritime UFO Files. His latest novel, Blood Shock: The Dana Wilde Case, was released earlier this year and is available on Amazon.

Explore Ledger`s biography and upcoming works here.



Radio Host visits UFO Museum

Barry Shainbaum, the host of a Toronto based radio show on faith and triumph over adversity, Perspectives with Barry Shainbaum, made a meaningful visit to the Shag Harbour UFO Museum on August 1 2014.

Shainbaum had heard of the Shag Harbour 1967 incident through UFO researcher Don Ledger who had been a guest on his show on July 13. Ledger spoke about his novel he co-wrote with fellow colleague Chris Styles, Dark Object, that was published in 2001. If you wish to listen to Ledger`s interview with Shainbaum click here.

Shag Harbour Incident Society chairperson, Cindy Nickerson, was thrilled when she received a call from Ledger stating that Shainbaum was on his way to visit the UFO Museum. He arrived just after 11:30 am and spent an hour exploring the information the Society has collected over the years. Shainbaum also seemed interested in the annual UFO Festival coming up on August 9-10.

It was a pleasure receiving such a genuinely courteous visitor. We, at the Incident Society, hope he will not hesitate to make a second visit the next time he is in the area.

Radio host Barry Shainbaum and 2014 summer student Haleigh Atwood.
Radio host Barry Shainbaum and 2014 summer student Haleigh Atwood.


1967 UFO Report

The following is a copy of the official 1967 UFO report filed by W. W. Turner after more than a dozen local witnesses claimed a large, glowing object landed in the harbour. The report reads the following: 




1. On 04 October 1967 at 2345 hours a local RCMP Corporal WERBICKI from Barrington Passage NS and six other witnesses sighted a large flying object. This object, in the time interval of approximately five minutes, flew down to the water surface, floated and sank. 

2. the flying object was described as being in excess of 60 feet in diameter and carried four white lights spaced horizontally at a distance of 15 feet. The object, flying in an easterly direction when first sighted, descended rapidly to the water and produced a bright flash on impact. One light remained on the surface for considerable time but sank before a boat could reach it.

3. The Rescue Co-ordination Centre conducted preliminary investigation and dismounted the possibilities that the sighting was produced by an aircraft, flares, floats, or any other known object.

4. Maritime Command were asked, on 05 Oct, to conduct an investigation into to sighting. At the present time one Officer and a diving team of three men are on the scene aided by Coast Guard Cutter 101. 


Donated Objects


The Shag Harbour UFO Museum is constantly searching for new artifacts and documents to display to our visitors. If you are wondering what to do with that awkward alien bedside lamp, that 6 foot X-Files poster, or your secret collection of astronaut memorabilia, simply contact us and we will take it off your hands.

If you are location within Nova Scotia, we can pick it up ourselves; or you can drop off your contributions anytime between 11am and 5pm (Wed.-Sun.) at 5615 Hwy #3, Shag Harbour, NS. If you have questions or concerns please email us at or give us a call at 1-902-723-0244.

All donated contributions will be treated with gentle care and respect, and will include the name of its previous owner. If you do not want to permanently part with an object, then it can be placed on loan and will be available for pickup at any time.

We hope to see many new and wonderful contributions come through our doors this summer!