Flare theory debunked

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Radio Host visits UFO Museum

Barry Shainbaum, the host of a Toronto based radio show on faith and triumph over adversity, Perspectives with Barry Shainbaum, made a meaningful visit to the Shag Harbour UFO Museum on August 1 2014.

Shainbaum had heard of the Shag Harbour 1967 incident through UFO researcher Don Ledger who had been a guest on his show on July 13. Ledger spoke about his novel he co-wrote with fellow colleague Chris Styles, Dark Object, that was published in 2001. If you wish to listen to Ledger`s interview with Shainbaum click here.

Shag Harbour Incident Society chairperson, Cindy Nickerson, was thrilled when she received a call from Ledger stating that Shainbaum was on his way to visit the UFO Museum. He arrived just after 11:30 am and spent an hour exploring the information the Society has collected over the years. Shainbaum also seemed interested in the annual UFO Festival coming up on August 9-10.

It was a pleasure receiving such a genuinely courteous visitor. We, at the Incident Society, hope he will not hesitate to make a second visit the next time he is in the area.

Radio host Barry Shainbaum and 2014 summer student Haleigh Atwood.
Radio host Barry Shainbaum and 2014 summer student Haleigh Atwood.